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Barry J. Bouillion Jr., MA, MAMFT, LPC, LMFT

Founder of LifeJourney Counseling & Coaching

Educational Background:

  • BS in Bible Teaching, Columbia International University.


  • MA in Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary


  • MA in Marriage and Family Therapy


Areas of focus:

  • Trauma/PTS

  • Military/First Responders

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy


  • Pre-Marital Counseling 

  • Marriage Co-Therapy


  • Addiction Recovery


  • Young men/Adolescents

  • ​Equine Therapy (EAGALA) 

  • Group Therapy 

  • Couple’s Intensives

Barry’s personal story of brokenness and redemption is ultimately what led him into the field of counseling and spiritual formation. In his early twenties, he was fighting his battles with flawed strategies to bring relief and comfort to that which was broken inside of him. Questioning who he was and if he had what it takes to be a man and a warrior would ultimately lead him to the United States Marine Corps where he served in the infantry. While in the Marines, questions in his heart could only be answered by a source more significant than himself. While leading his Marines in difficult combat training missions and helping them navigate their struggles in life, Barry developed a love for leadership. The spirit that was awakened in him then still lives in him today. Barry is passionate about helping others unpack their unique story and understand why they do what they do. He finds joy in helping others navigate the more profound questions of life and offering hope and direction. He encourages others to use their God-given imagination to envision how the Author of their story can bring about healing and redemption to those broken and hollow places in their hearts.


Barry grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana and is proud of his Cajun heritage. He enjoys reading, music, history, watching LSU football and baseball, hiking trails, camping, riding his motorcycle in the North Georgia Mountains, working land, connecting with horses, good coffee at local coffee shops, cooking Cajun food, grilling out, enjoying a good campfire with other men, and taking adventures with his wife and daughters.


Dawn M. Bouillion, MAMFT, APC

Waypoint Ranch, Supervised by Najla Losch, LPC, CPCS

Educational Background:

  • BS, in Family and Church Education, Columbia International University


  • MA, in Marriage and Family Therapy, Richmont Graduate University 


Area of Focus:

  • Women's Issues


  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Couples Co-therapy


  • Teens, Young Adults


  • Codependency/Boundaries


  • Group Therapy


  • Couple’s Intensives

"We are made for connection with God, ourselves, and others. We all have a need to be loved, accepted, valued, and safe. When what we were designed for is missing or is taken from us we experience suffering and pain. It’s often from this place of pain that we begin to form unhealthy habits and make choices that harm us or others that we care about. I desire to enter into my client’s world for a short time to help them see and understand what is going on in their internal world, how it may be affected by their past experiences, how it plays out in present relationships, and how it does not have to define their future.

I believe that behind every face is a story that needs to be told, a voice to be heard, a soul that needs connection, and a dream to be discovered and pursued.  My heart is to meet you where you are, sit with you, walk with you, and help you get to where you want to go!"

Dawn has been married to her husband Barry for eighteen years, and they have four beautiful daughters, two “adopted” twin sons, and one adorable grandson. She is originally from Ladysmith, VA where all of her extended family still resides. Dawn enjoys spending time with her family, coffee with friends, doing life in authentic community, laughing, learning, and loving people!

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