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CONNECTION is the way to Healing.

We don't heal in isolation.




Starting a Bonfire

We believe it is impossible to heal and grow in isolation. LifeJourney provides multiple avenues for men to get connected.​

  • Individual Counseling

  • Therapy Groups 

  • Coaching Weekends 

  • Equine Therapy 

Stressed Woman

We were not made to do this alone! Whatever it is you are going through, don't walk the road alone. LifeJourney provides multiple ways for women to get connected. 

  • Individual Counseling

  • BRAVE Support Group

  • Group Therapy

  • Women's Retreats


LifeJourney offers the unique opportunity for couples to work with a therapist couple. This provides helpful insight and perspective for both the husband and wife throughout the therapy process.

  • Couple's Co-Therapy

  • Mini-Intensive Sessions

  • Weekend Intensives

  • Marriage Retreats

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